Mehbaj is a local Company under the Umbrella of Muhaidib Group, it was established in 1977 and for the last 45 years we have been producing the highest quality products of Nuts, Spices, Pulses, Coffee, and Dried fruits. We have a wide Distribution network across the Kingdom, our 150 Mehbaj Islands and Stores, the New flagship Mega store in Riyadh, and we are available at all our retail partners stores.

Our heritage of The favorite destination for all Local and Arab families as one of the best places of high quality and unique products makes everyone in Mehbaj company strive to search for the best material and ingredients sources around the world and it goes through a high standards production process to maintain the freshness and healthy benefits of every single item we have in the portfolio and we are committed to connect people with personalized sensory experience through Healthy and High-Quality products in each category.

Our Mission

Provide high-quality and premium products to become the favorite brand to our valued consumers in all markets.

Our Vision

To be one of the Top Saudi producers of high-quality and premium commodities that creates a sensory experience to connect people.